Alibaba Acquires Chinese Android App Store Wandoujia

It’s been a few days for the rumor of Alibaba to acquire Chinese Android app store Wandoujia. Now Wandoujia confirmed the news and it would join Alibaba Mobile Business Group. The financial details weren’t disclosed. Rumors said the deal is valued at around US$200 million.

“Both companies share the same strategic vision, and we believe Alibaba’s mobile business and Wandoujia could form a strong product offering and deliver synergies under new mobile Internet trends,” said Yu Yongfu, president of Alibaba mobile business group. Wang Junyu, the founder of Wandoujia, said the merger will help shape its future growth.

Founded in 2010, Wandoujia is one of the earliest Android app stores in China and developed rapidly for the first two years. Baidu acquired 91 Wireless, one of Wandoujia’s competitors at that time, for US$1.9 billion in 2013.

Source: Gamegyro