Chinese version of PUBG ‘Game of Peace’ to feature new Tesla model 3

In partnership with the Chinese version of the popular PUBG mobile (Game of Peace), Tesla is going to roll out it’s Model 3 cars into the game, to promote sales of the vehicle. Tesla tweeted a game poster of a purple Tesla car, announcing limited edition skins to be released. Tesla China teased a 53-second tweet which consisted a game video showing a ‘mysterious package’ being dropped in the Giga Shanghai(Tesla’s production unit) which was very similar to the PUBG mobile’s loot drops. The next move Tesla took was completely unprecedented. They brought an actual drop package to the gigafactory to reveal a purple model 3, indicating that a purple-skinned Model 3 car will make its way into the Chinese version of the game. Later, the package was brought to the Taikoo Hui Shopping Mall in Shanghai.

The car skin will be available in Chinese PUBG from today. However, no plans of global release are announced yet. The Models 3, S & X will be available in a limited edition skins. Earlier, Yamaha too had collaborated with PUBG to launch two of its bikes as skins but in a global release.

It is unclear how the vehicles will be launched in the game. If we were to go by the demonstration made by Tesla, the vehicles will probably become available through in game loot boxes, which are dropped by planes and have players swarming to get better gear than their competitors. It is also possible that the game mode with the car might be separate from the normal modes, since many users might object to getting a vehicle out of a loot crate than weapons.
Much like every other version of a Chinese app, PUBG mobile was banned from operating in China. Tencent Games, the distributors of PUBG in China couldn’t manage to re-establish the game after its ban in the country and had to come up with a new name ‘Game of Peace’, which was less violent.