Gametop: Record Number of Free Casual Games Released in the 1st Quarter of 2016

The first three months of 2016 have been record-breaking for the casual games publisher, which is well known for free games that are downloadable for Windows and Mac platforms. On average, each week saw 2-3 new titles added to the ever growing catalogue of casual games at Gametop plans to continue publishing new free games that are enjoyed by millions of users around the world.

Gametop founder Sergei Eliseev said, “People love free games and because of the positive feedback and continued support, we have been able to publish more games this passing quarter than ever. Everyone has their favourite genre, but we have seen that puzzle games and car games are consistently our most popular games categories. In addition, we continue developing our own exclusive game titles that are not available anywhere else. Our games developed in-house have been proven to be tremendously popular as well.”

Pantheon is a good case of puzzle games that appeal to a wide audience. The addictive tile matching game has an interesting storyline, strong gameplay mechanics and replay value that is typically lacking in free casual games. The game features more than 130 levels that are set over 14 scenes to keep the user occupied for days, if not weeks.

Back to Bed is a rather different kind of puzzle game and features an insomniac character named Bob. The surreal scenes are the result of Bob’s unconscious at work when he is sleeping. The player must guide Bob back to bed by solving puzzles that become harder with each level. The game has beautiful artwork and is a puzzle game like no other.

For players who prefer more fast-paced action, Extreme Bike Trials offers a good challenge for those wanting a racing game with a bit more challenge. This physics-based motorcycle game includes hundreds of tracks, unlockable bikes and difficulty levels that range from beginner to hardcore.

Finally, Gametop has released something for the zombie shooter game fans exclusively. Zombie Apocalypse is a survival game where the user is tasked to protect the shelter from an army of zombies. The seemingly simple game has the player frantically switching weapons when bullets run out, but the zombies just keep on coming. Zombie Apocalypse is guaranteed to raise the pulse after the first few easy levels.

Source: Gametop