Pokémon has announced it will be hosting Pokémon Virtual Fest

Pokémon Virtual Fest will boast rides based on Pokémon, as well as shows and footage of Pokémon Sword and Shield battles (via Go Nintendo). Users will get to enjoy a full theme park experience, with attractions, live events, and shops. Their alter egos will be customizable avatars. Users can customize the theme park before taking rides such as the Galarian Weezing Train and Gigantamax Ferris Wheel. Mini-games include Inteleon’s Shooting Shop and Dugtrio’s Ring-Throwing Shop.

In addition, the theme park will feature various missions created by SCRAP, a company that operates escape rooms in Japan. ‘Mission’ is an escape game where users must solve a problem in a closed room to exit. There are three ‘solving missions’, which will be released depending on the achievement level. The four areas of the theme park are as follows – Event Stage, Attraction Area, Beach Area, and Store Area.

According to the website, Pokémon Virtual Fest will open in the virtual SNS cluster from August 12 to August 31. The unfinished amusement park is themed “create together memories of summer”, and attractions and contents in the theme park will increase as users go on missions.

Pokémon teased the entrance for Virtual Fest, which boasts holograms of Pikachu. At the entrance, mission achievements are collected and users can check the progress of the theme park. Warner Bros and Niantic, the makers of Pokémon Go, teamed up on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – an augmented reality mobile game inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. Chester Zoo also joined forces with Internet of Elephants to launch the Pokémon Go of wildlife, an AR app called Wildeverse.