Rumour: Tokyo Game Show Could Be The Venue For Unveiling Both Sony’s Updated PS4 And Nintendo’s New Console

Tokyo Game Show was a important global trade expo years go, but more recently it’s become little more than a side show. But this year could be about to change according to a report at VR World and if the report is correct.

VR World wondered what the “new semi-custom business in 2H 2016” statement mean. Their baseline was that it’s probably a placeholder for the Nintendo NX console, which should be announced during Tokyo Game Show 2016. However, according to sources in the know, this placeholder has another existing customer, whose name is Sony.

Although the article is primarily concerned with the innards of the PlayStation Neo (variously nicknamed the PS4.5 and PS4K) it plainly states that the new version of the PlayStation 4 will ‘make its debut’ at the Tokyo Game Show.

The show starts on September 15, and according to VR World the Nintendo NX (also just a codename) will also ‘be announced during Tokyo Game Show 2016’.

The oddly blasé way in which the article imparts this information almost implies that the author thought it was common knowledge. Which it certainly isn’t. The NX was never expected at E3 this year, since it’s not out till next spring, but some rumours also suggest the new PlayStation 4 won’t be out until then either. In which case the Tokyo Game Show begins to make more sense.

There’s no mention of Microsoft, who despite being the first ones to raise the prospect of an ‘upgrade console’ have so far managed to keep their plans secret. But it’s certainly not impossible that they may be planning a reveal at E3.

Source and first seen at: metro, VR World