Chinese Development Capabilities For Mobile Games Reached New Heights

NetEase debuted at E3 last week an new mobile game called Tianxia, which was developed using the company’s proprietary game engine Messiah. The graphics of Tianxia rivaled the quality of PC games, and gained a lot of attention from pro gamers and industry insiders for its intricate design, full-screen interactive maps, and PK battles with over one hundred players.

The advanced computing capabilities and software and hardware integration of Messiah has broken the technological barrier for further growth of mobile games, elevating graphics to the next level and unleashing new and exciting possibilities for the mobile platform. In the past, mobile games were mostly developed by the Unity engine, which was adaptable and easy to use but also had the problem of being mechanical, visually repetitive and limiting in combat settings.

Tianxia (NetEase Games)
Tianxia (NetEase Games)

During demo at E3, pro gamers praised the dynamic action forms and combat environment of Tianxia. Media called Tianxia a “groundbreaking mobile gaming experience”. Gamers are highly anticipating the full release of the game. As the latest and hottest mobile game from NetEase, Tianxia is poised to help NetEase expand into the global game market.

Source: Netease