Clash of Kings Generated USD 372 Million In Revenue In 2015

Chinese Universe Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. recently announced its annual report of 2015. The report revealed that Elex Technology, the maker of Clash of Kings, made RMB 3125 million (USD 482 million) in revenue and RMB 323 million (USD 50 million) in profit for the year Chinese Media acquired Elex Technology, the maker of Clash of Kings, for RMB 2660 million in 2014. Elex ranked #16 in App Annie’s top 52 publishers of 2015, mainly driven by Clash of Kings.

According to the report, Clash of Kings earned RMB 2413 million (USD 372 million) in revenue last year with highest monthly revenue of RMB 390 million. It also reached an average of 4.71 million daily active users. Besides, the number of highest monthly registered users and highest monthly active users reached 110 million and 24 million, respectively.

The report also mentioned that Chinese Media will step into the virtual reality sector, pushing Elex’s games to be connected with VR technology.

Source: Elex Technology