IGA.biz had the chance to talk to Andrew Walker, Partner at GameFounders, about their current GameFounders Asia Accelerator Program. Here are the latest updates about the GameFounders Asia Accelerator Program:

IGA.biz: Why have you extended the deadline?
Andrew: We have had a lot of applications, more than normal but a lot of teams have been asking for more time and so we wanted to give them the chance to apply. It just means more work for us!

IGA.biz: Can developers update their application if they have something new to show?
Andrew: Absolutely, but they’ll have to email us at info@gamefounders.com or message us through the website. They can also message us through our Facebook page. We’ll add it to their application and it will be included in the Evaluation.



IGA.biz: Where are you getting your applications from? Is it only SE Asia?
Andrew: I would say 50% have come from SE Asia but we continue to get global interest and have applications from the US, Europe and quite a lot from S. America which is interesting. I think developers are finally beginning to realize that they don’t have to let geography be a barrier. It is truly a global market, but they need to experience the nuances of certain parts of the world, like SE Asia to really be successful here.

IGA.biz: Why did you choose Kuala Lumpur?
Andrew: We’ve been eyeing an Asian hub for some time. MDeC and the Malaysian government saw the same vision of cross-region cooperation with Malaysia taking the lead. They have provided a unique opportunity for both GameFounders and developers to build true East-West partnerships.

IGA.biz: You just finished a tour of SE Asia, what was the response like?
Andrew: We had great attendances across all of our events. I think the mix of sessions ranging from game development tools such as Unity3D to analysis of Japanese companies from Media Create, along with ourselves talking about investment made it very attractive to developers. We saw a lot of talent across the region and I think that somewhere there is a big success story just waiting to happen.