Gaming and fitness rolled into one challenge

Move To Game”, an innovative online tournament combining gaming and physical activity, has been launched by the Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) and the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS). The two organizations have joined forces to create an exciting new competition, designed to appeal both to gamers and those looking for the motivation to get started on a daily physical activity program.

The initiative, another leg of the successful “Baytak Nadeek challenge”, is based around the central tenet of gaming: participants complete one level before advancing to the next. There is also the added incentive of weekly, daily, and monthly prizes at all levels. Part of the Quality of Life program, “Move To Game” is in line with SFA’s commitment to realizing Vision2030’s pillars of fitness and health in Saudi Arabia, and is being presented alongside the exciting Gamers Beyond Borders event recently launched.

One aspect of the “Move To Game” competition involves recording 5,000 steps through a mobile app, MoveSpring, which then allows the participant to unlock one of three different sports journeys via game consoles: Xbox, PSP, Wii, PC. The three sports journeys have different tournaments, so participants can opt-in for whichever activities they prefer.

There are also options for physical activity video games such as “Just Dance”. For those who participate in making the 5,000 steps target, all steps recorded through the Move Spring app and the challenges count towards an overall One Billion Step Challenge being held for 30 days from April 30 — May 30, 2020.

The SFA and SAFEIS welcome and encourage both gamers and non-gamers alike to take part in up to two challenges per week, and entrants at all levels are automatically eligible for a chance at winning cool giveaways for selected achievers.

Cash prizes for Esports winners begin from SR500 to SR3,000 for first place, while smaller tournaments have cash prizes ranging from SR500 to SR2,000 for first place. In addition, other prizes include sports challenge vouchers, electronics, telecom, sports and more.

Those taking part are also being encouraged to share their daily, weekly, and end-of-month achievements through videos and photos of themselves taking part on social media tagging the @MoveToGame @Saudi_SFA and @SAFEIS accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

“Together with our valued partners at SAFEIS, we have jointly developed a program that will fire peoples’ imagination, encouraging contestants to get up, get moving, and get connected. “Move To Game” is a new and really exciting way to combine gaming and physical fitness. It’s the first time the Saudi SFA has devised an activity program in conjunction with SAFEIS targeted at gamers and the wider community,” said Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed, president of the Saudi SFA.

“The SFA, together with SAFEIS, wants to convey that staying active while staying at home is important for everyone; and we’re here and ready to find ways to make that happen. “Move To Game” has activities for all fitness levels and will boost both physical and mental well-being, and I hope to see all of our community join and compete!”

“We are delighted to have joined forces with SFA to launch “Move To Game”; perfectly timed and aligned with stay at home and stay active guidelines. SAFEIS is proud to engage our community, and we encourage everyone — gamers and beyond — to jump in and enjoy the challenge of unlocking new levels,” said Prince Faisal Bin Bandar, president of the SAFEIS.

“The challenge combines the latest gaming technology, social media channels, and fitness expertise which will enhance its appeal, including improving both physical and mental well-being for those taking part.”

“Initially we hope to attract 60,000 people, with an increase of 10 percent per week. We think this new flexible way of working out from home will have a wide appeal and will attract both gamers and non-gamers. Part of our mission is to raise awareness and promote physical health in gaming and eSports. No professional athlete can compete at the elite level without proper physical and mental health. We urge all gamers to take up this challenge and stay active while gaming. We are very excited to be part of this initiative and look forward to following its progress over the coming months,” Prince Faisal added.

The “Move To Game weekly” challenges include DIGIGYM, a series of set exercises including jumping jacks and push-ups; Trendy Challenges which involves challenges made popular through social media such as the five-minute plank; and WorkoutXGame, a physical videogame.