Legends of Callasia Launched On Steam

Fantasy world conquest game Legends of Callasia from Singapore based game developer Boomzap Entertainment is available for early access on Steam. Inspired by classic games such as Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, and Risk, Boomzap has created a multiplayer strategy title that combines the depth of epic strategy games with simpler controls for shorter playtime sessions.

Boomzap LOCLegends of Callasia is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world with board game-style maps and an innovative simultaneous multiplayer system that allows for thrilling games with up to 6 players that are playable in just a couple hours. Since December 2015, it has been in open beta testing and was quickly Greenlit on Steam earlier this year. Following an amazingly successful showing at the PAX South event in San Antonio, it is now available for Early Access.

The Early Access build is available now for free demo, allowing access to the first few missions of the single player campaign, as well as skirmish and multiplayer modes with the Hundred Kingdoms. A one time purchase gives access to the rest of the game, including immediate access to Faeborne and Revenant in Multiplayer and Skirmish. The main content to be added as the Early Access continues will be more missions in the campaigns, more maps, and more characters.

Boomzap LoC logoChoose from a wide range of heroes from three factions – The Hundred Kingdoms, The Faeborne, and The Revenant – and conquer lands through single player campaigns, or battle against friends through online multiplayer in board game-style maps. Use bonus cards against your enemies or boost your armies and rule the world!

Legends of Callasia is currently available for Windows PC, but is planned to be a cross-platform game with support for Mac OS X, Linux, iPad, and Android tablets. Download it now on Steam for free and unlock Early Access at a limited-time price of $15.99 USD.

Source: Boomzap