Malaysian ‘MJS Level One Developer’ Launches Gamekicker Campaign For Sprint

MJS Level One Entertainment, a developer based in Malaysia has begun their Gamekicker campaign, seeking to raise fundings for the completion of their action game Sprint.


sprintSprint is a 2D action platformer game where world affairs in the game are designed to be an extension of the issues that our world face. Take the role of Sprint as he journeys through the game to protect and preserve Mother Nature from threats for the sustainability of nature for future generations. Think of Sprint as a game where it asks the hard questions of the world. A fictional world where the world is created by proven theories and is similar to an exaggeration of our world. String Theory could have finally unified all the forces. Humans may have unlocked the secrets of dark energy or dark matter.

“We have high hopes for Sprint,” says Rock Lee, Director of MJS Level One Entertainment. “Sprint drew heavy inspiration from the 90s golden age of gaming, such as Megaman and Sonic The Hedgehog.”

“We hope Sprint will have the potential to be what people will look up to in the future and regarded as a timeless classic in 10 or 20 years to come,” says Geffrey Goh, Game Designer of MJS Level One Entertainment.

Source: MJS Level One Entertainment