NetEase To Create Game For Google’s Daydream Mobile VR Platform

NetEase’s virtual reality game Twilight Pioneers was revealed at Google I/O 2016 as one of the first games to commit to Google’s new mobile VR platform built on top of Android called Daydream. NetEase will premiere Twilight Pioneers concurrent with the launch of Daydream in November 2016. Twilight Pioneers will also be available on mobile devices and PCs.

NetEase believes the immersive experience of VR gaming is a game changer with tremendous market potential. Building on its previous successes in mobile and PC gaming markets in China, NetEase is expanding its footprint into global markets and the emerging product platforms within them such as virtual reality (VR).

Being one of the developers to be featured on Google I/O 2016, NetEase CEO William Ding was “pleased” to announce the firm’s commitment to create games for Daydream.
“Leveraging our track record in game development and innovation, we are confident of delivering the superior VR gaming experience to players in China and around the world,” he said.

NetEase has previously published popular mobile games including Chrono Blade and the licensed app of Kung Fu Panda 3. The company also manages some of Blizzard’s popular games in China like Hearthstone. Earlier this year, NetEase opened a division in the United States to release games in the country. It has unveiled Speedy Ninja for mobile.

Source: Netease, Chinatopix