Sun Taihu on Snail’s transition to new platforms

Snail Games

Snail’s Assistant CEO Sun Taihu said during ChinaJoy that the company’s transition to new platforms is not solely focused on mobile games, but part of the company’s planned expansion in several interrelated media.

Mobile development is now one the hottest trends in China, and online companies are moving rapidly towards the growing mobile market, said Sun Taihu, with many Chinese game companies now hastily restructuring along the lines of their counterparts overseas. But mobile markets in Japan and Europe differ from China, noted Sun. Handheld platforms are traditionally strong in Japan, and European publishers can control user habits more directly, contributing to their success.

According to Sun, Snail’s online business plans for 2013 include increased investment in mobile development, with new titles slated for launch in November. But Sun cautioned positioning Snail’s strategy too narrowly. “Snail is a virtual world manufacturer,” said Sun, “a global developer of digital entertainment content.”

In June the company also announced it would invest over 40 billion RMB to build a new 3D film studio in Suzhou, as Snail looks to combine an expanded mobile presence with digital cinema technology to develop Snail IP on multiple media platforms, including film.