Ubitus acquires new partners to expand cloud gaming overseas


Following an investment round in led by Samsung Ventures, Taiwan’s cloud gaming technology provider Ubitus has rapidly secured new partners China Telecom, LG, Konami, Nexon and Neowiz to drive growth in Asia and North America.

In May Ubitus raised over US$15 million in cash from multiple international investors, including Samsung Ventures, to spearhead global expansion of the company’s cloud gaming services.

Since its first cloud gaming deployment in Japan in September 2011, Ubitus had led the global market in cloud-enabled rich media services with top-tier carriers and OEMs spanning the US, Japan, Korea and China (including Hong Kong).

Ubitus’ new partnership with China Telecom will bring cloud gaming to China’s upcoming 4G LTE network. Ubitus will also power LG’s U+ C-Games cloud gaming service on Google TV’s set-top boxes. Konami, Nexon and Neowiz have also joined with Ubitus to deploy cloud-enabled services for their games in Korea, Japan and the US.