Why PUBG Mobile has become a blockbuster hit in India?

Tencent’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, referred to commonly by its acronym, PUBG, was launched in India in March 2018.

I remember it was during my class 10th Board examinations when the PUBG game was released. Ahead of my Maths exam, I downloaded the game and started playing it with my friend. Since then I have become a fan of the game.

PUBG has become a very popular game in India. You’ll see people of every age group, at every place, be it home, office, or even the Indian men’s cricket team’s dressing room playing PUBG. Yes, there have been some negativity around the game as well.

Students killing themselves or quarelling with their parents when they aren’t allowed to play the game are but a few issues in this regard. This has prompted the developers of PUBG to release an update in the game that limits the game usage to two hours daily if one is younger than 18 years of age and a reminder every two hours if one is aged 18 or above.

In this regard, an interesting question arises: Why is PUBG so popular? In recent history, no game has been as popular on a smartphone as PUBG. Why is it so?

Here are six reasons why I believe PUBG has become the monster it is right now:

Six reasons why PUBG is popular in India:

1 Extensive multi-player support

PUBG offers players to team up with up to three other players. This makes it easier for people to play PUBG with their friends and family members. Moreover, the voice chat option and benefits from being in a crew and clan makes PUBG a fun and relaxing game to play.

2 An enriching game-play experience

The controls in PUBG are simple, although the large number of buttons can be daunting for a first-time user. However, the environment in which the game is set is very detailed and gives the players a lot of potential to explore even though the timer for the safe zone ticks away. Elements such as water bodies, bridges, houses, trees, mountains, etc. make the PUBG game very enjoyable to play.

3 YouTuber Gaming Community

Before PUBG, there wasn’t really a comprehensive gaming scene in India. But ever since PUBG arrived in India, there has been an exponential rise in the number of gaming channels you can see on YouTube. The increasing number of people covering PUBG on online platforms, like CarryMinati on his gaming channel CarryIsLive, have made the game more known to people, thereby increasing its popularity.

4 National and international PUBG Tournaments

Ever since PUBG’s launch, there have been various tournaments held for gamers to showcase their skills. Some have been on a global scale, like the ongoing PMPL South-Asia tournament. But there have been a few at a national level too, like the Oppo sponsored tournament for college students. These cash-rich PUBG tournaments encourage players to improve their skills in the game.

5 Regular updates

The PUBG Mobile application is updated regularly, which bring in a host of new features. The game now has three separate maps apart from the default Erangel map. The two-month seasons encourage players to give their best during matches to improve their ranks and earn rewards at the same time. A lot of limited period PUBG events are also organised regularly to encourage players to play the game.

6 Support for lower-range devices

PUBG isn’t a light game, yet it manages to run on low-range devices if you lower the settings. This enables the game to cater to the majority of the Indian smartphone market, as most phones sold in India are low or mid-range ones.

Yes, for those who can afford the high-end devices, they get amazing graphics with high frame rates that make for an amazing experience. But lower-end devices are still able to run the game without any significant deterioration in game-play.