Youzu Interactive, Buyer of Bigpoint, to Continue Exploring Chinese Game Market

The Shanghai-based game company Youzu Interactive, that has gained wide attention from industry insiders both in China and worldwide since the announcement of its full acquisition of the German game developer Bigpoint, recently revealed that the company will continue to focus on the Chinese game market where it has grown with many success stories.

youzu1Youzu Interactive was founded in Shanghai and gained momentum with the success of its first product 36 Stratagems, a war strategy game, in 2009, when browser game was ushering in its golden age in China. The Chinese browser game market was not short of war strategy games at that time, but 36 Stratagems managed to survive and has been generating considerable profits to date, thanks to its highly diversified modes deriving from its combination with the ancient Chinese military strategies and tactics. Later Youzu Interactive launched other innovative strategy games such as The General and Great Emperor, which were also well received by the Chinese players.

Meanwhile, Youzu Interactive launched three swordsman-themed browser games, namely Hard Trial, The Swordsman Legend and Martial Art Master, from 2010 to 2012, which also turned out a great success and made the company one of the leading game companies in China. According to iResearch’s annual Chinese Internet economy report 2013, Youzu Interactive ranked the 3rd largest game developer in China and boasted the largest browser game user base among Chinese game developers.

Continued Success with Mobile Games

Cute Wuxia
Cute Wuxia

Youzu Interactive entered the mobile game market in 2012. Cute Wuxia launched in 2013 harvested a monthly gross revenue of over RMB 20 million as one of the top five grossing iOS games in China. In late 2014 and early 2015, the company launched League of Angels – Fire Raiders and Youth of the Three Kingdoms, with the latter generating an average monthly gross revenue of over RMB 100 million during the first year and ranking high on the highest-grossing iOS and Android games list in China.

League of Angels

In 2013, Youzu Interactive launched its most successful product — League of Angel, a browser game inspired by Western myths. Utilizing the latest dynamic panorama technology, the game represented China’s highest standard in game production. Played by over 200 million users in over 150 countries and regions, it was honored as Facebook’s Best New Game in 2014 and MMOsite’s Best Browser Game in 2015.

Meanwhile, its mobile version has been released in over 144 countries and regions in 15 languages.

Source: Youzu Interactive