360 Games Launched SUPER360° Strategy To Help Game Developers Enter Chinese Market

360 Games, one of the leading Chinese game platforms and publisher, announced that it has launched a series of innovative initiatives to attract global game developers to China. The initiatives include the formation of the Super360° Strategy, a mobile ad revenue return plan and 360 app security reinforcement solution.

“With our Super360° strategy and newly launched initiatives, we believe game developers around the world will find compelling reasons to publish their games with 360 Games in China,” said Mr. Alex Xu, President of 360 Games. “We are confident we can take overseas games to our increasing millions of users as proven by our track record with the world’s leading developers such as Electronic Arts and Big Fish Games.”

360 Games’ goal is to create a super game platform 2.0. To do so, the company’s Super360° strategy incorporates five key elements, all made possible by the company’s leadership in the industry.

S – Service. 360 Games provides up-front service for developers not only early on, but also throughout the development circle.

U – User Base. Developers will have instant access to 360 Games’ huge user base of one billion players in China. The base is comprised of 800 million registered mobile users and 200 million registered PC users.

P – IP. 360 Games has been successfully helping many renowned IP holders to find the right studios, and co-develop and publish the games in China.

E – Exclusivity. After signing the publishing agreements with the top oversea titles such as CrossFire 2 and Civilization OL, 360 Games has proven to the world its strong capability in publishing not only mobile games but also PC games. 360 Games has formed a series of “Global Publishing Alliance” with top gaming companies such as Electronic Arts and Disney. The company will continue to seek out other alliance partnerships.

R – Rules. 360 Games is dedicated to supporting all efforts that provide up-front and continuous services and ongoing publishing support, to build up a healthy ecosystem in the industry.

High ads fill rate and 100% of mobile ad revenue returns to developers who integrate 360 mobile ads SDK

360 Games also announced a program for developers that integrate their apps with 360 mobile ads SDK. After the integration, developers can expect

a) a high fill rate of their mobile advertisements and

b) the retention of 100% of mobile ad revenue.

For developers, the benefits of integrating with the 360 platform include a better advertising experience with native ads format, a safer process with 360 security products and solutions, and higher revenue.

In addition, 360 Games announced its 360 AppShield, the App Security Reinforcement that prevents third parties from tampering with the integrity of a game’s code. To help developers cope with copycats or code cracking issues, 360 AppShield protects data security and developers’ interests from the start by preventing reverse engineering, decompiling, repackaging, and embedding malicious code such as virus or advertisements. There are no development costs; app developers can finish the strengthened signature and multi-channel integration simply by opening the 360 AppShield software and uploading the APK at one time.

Source: 360 Games