37Games Receives Top Developer Badge From Google

Chinese browser and mobile game company 37Games has received a Top Developer Badge on the Google Play Store, an award that recognizes developers that have a well established reputation and that have launched innovative and high quality apps.

Since 2012, when 37Games first expanded outside of China, the drive and ambition of the developer has seen it accumulate a large share of the market, becoming the number 1 browser in Taiwan, Korea and Thailand, while in 2015, it extended its business scope to mobile games in the global market, bringing a succession of high quality games to players in different countries.

Following this success in Asia, 37Games now plans to continue its expansion to the West. In 2015, 37Games acquired SNKP, a renowned Japanese game company, and the intellectual property rights to its famous master piece The King of Fighters. This classic game will be adapted by 37Games and will be launched internationally, starting from existing markets of the company such as North America, the U.K., France, Germany and Turkey.

Several more titles are also on the horizon, with founder and President Li Yi Fei predicting; “the games to come will be even more successful in terms of total revenue in overseas markets than that in the domestic Chinese market before the year 2017.” Acquisition of more classic or popular intellectual properties aside, 37Games will also enact its Rising Dragon globalization plan, which involves investing over $100 million in outstanding start-up game studios across the globe.

The future is uncertain, but one thing is for sure: 37Games is devoted to becoming a leading game company that develops and publishes high quality browser and mobile games internationally. The world has yet to see this “Rising Dragon” from the East.

Source: 37Games