Axial Brain Launched Tap Alice

The Singapore based indie developer studio Axial Brain, maker of Monster Treasure Adventure, has launched its new game Tap Alice. Tap Alice is a casual puzzle game and the first title of their “Tap Series” for Facebook.

The goal is to create a game for players already familiar with the puzzle-matching genre and want to take it up a notch. As time passed Alice had relegated the memories of her adventure in Wonderland to be those of childhood imagination and wishful dreaming. So it came to a shock when she saw a familiar white rabbit calling to her on one of her regular walks. Wonderland is in trouble again!

tap alice 2Familiar friends from years past have asked Alice to come back to defeat a strange plague causing mass unhappiness across the lands. Help Alice “tap” colorful matches to solve fiendish puzzles and restore happiness to the citizens once again!


More information: Axial Brain