Bandai Namco Opening VR Experience Area In Tokyo

Bandai Namco will open a virtual reality experience area called “VR Zone: Project i Can” in Tokyo April 15 until mid-October, Bandai Namco announced.

vr zone bandai namcoThe VR Zone will act as a virtual reality research facility where Bandai Namco can gain feedback from users to pursue further possibilities in virtual reality. In the future, Bandai Namco is considering a variety of other developments, including putting VR experience corners in both amusement stores and other stores.


The main games you’ll be able to play at VR Zone:

“Fear of Heights Show” – An extreme test of courage where you rescue a cat left behind on a thin plank 200 meters above the ground

“Skii Rodeo” – A downhill skiing experience set on a snowy cliff

“Real Drive” – A sports driving experience where the vehicle behaves just like a real car

“Escape Ward Omega” – A “were we really attacked?” horror experience where you enter a giant, ruined hospital ward together with everyone

“Train Master” – A railroad operation experience where you experience train control just like the real thing as a train driver for JR Yamanote

“Argyle Shift” – A cinematic experience where together with a girl, you enter the cockpit of a giant robot and battle

vr zone bandai namco 2
Source: Bandai Namco, Gematsu