Bandai Namco to publish Nine Dots FPS

Bandai Namco

Quebec-based Nine Dots Studio has revealed that Bandai Namco will publish the developer’s upcoming space FPS GoD Factory: Wingmen.

Though Nine Dots failed an earlier attempt to crowdfund the title for release on Linux, Mac and Windows PCs, studio founder Guillaume Boucher-Vidal has said that the company had been in negotiations with various publishers since last November.

“We want GoD Factory to reach its audience, and clearly we didn’t have the tool for that, as demonstrated by our Kickstarter campaigns,” said Boucher-Vidal. “Dealing with a publisher was thus the most viable option to both get the funds to finish the game and reach the audience that would be interested in it.”

Bandai Namco has yet to announce details regarding the Japanese publisher’s plans for GoD Factory: Wingmen.