Bombing Busters from Sanuk Games to be released on PS4 in Europe

Sanuk Games announced that Bombing Busters will land in the European PlayStation Store for PS4 on July 2nd. It will be released in America at a later date. Previously released as “Bombing Bastards” on Wii U and on Steam, the game got a bunch of good reviews.
The name was changed to Bombing Busters on request from Sony. The PlayStation 4 version, in development since early 2014, was the longest and toughest project in Sanuk Games’ 11-year history. As Unity was charging obnoxious licensing fees on PlayStation systems at the time, the choice was made to port the game from Unity to Phyre Engine. But the complexity and instability of Phyre Engine made it impossible for the team to achieve the port, and the project was stopped after 5 months without visible progress.

Later on, an arrangement was made with Sony to get a free Unity license (something they then generalized to all developers). The development resumed with Unity. While Unity for PS4 did not make all aspects of the port easy and smooth, after numerous interactions with Sony’s technical staff and the development of some custom plugin to fill the gaps, the PS4 version was up and running, ready for QA. From then on, it took 8 submissions (and a few more months) for the game to get approved. Notwithstanding this rather frustrating experience, Sanuk Games is proud to bring the game to PlayStation 4, and thankful to Sony’s staff for the help received in solving issues.

Source: Sanuk Games