ChinaJoy 2016: Both Game Hardware and Software to Create New Entertainment Experience

With a new layout featuring Game Software and Hardware, China Joy 2016 will bring all-new entertainment experience for 300,000 fashionable young visitors. As intelligent hardware emerges as a new trend, how to attract users and seize the opportunities to make themselves invincible has become a commanding high-ground goal for game companies. On the other hand, new innovative intelligent hardware products launched into the market from time to time will also provide customers more choices and make their life more attractive and diversified.

As a world-class digital entertainment expo, ChinaJoy is not only a show for games, but also a comprehensive digital entertainment event that represents brand-new technology improvements and future life trends. At ChinaJoy, people can play most exciting games, experience the latest fashionable hardware technologies, and share experiences and forward-thinking ideas at a wide range of forums and conferences.


In 2016, apart from further improving its digital entertainment showcase, ChinaJoy will continue to hold the Comic & Animation World Amazing Expo (C.A.W.A.E) and add 3 new theme display areas, namely “Next-gen Arcade, Console and Home Entertainment Area (ACH)”, the “Internet Video and Music Area”, and the “In-car Entertainment Area”, to meet the huge demands of the exhibitors for pan-entertainment business and cross-platform cooperation, continuously supporting product marketing and providing better services for business cooperation.

What is more exciting is the preparation for an exclusive Expo of Intelligent Entertainment Hardware, which is expected to match domestic and overseas hardware manufacturers with providers of digital entertainment content of the world (especially China), while bringing most stylish products of “smart hardware entertainment” to Chinese consumers. “Both hardware and software” will become the biggest highlight of ChinaJoy 2016.

The 14th ChinaJoy Expo will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center through July 28-31, 2016. In addition, various forums and conferences such as China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC), China Game Developers Conference (CGDC), and World Mobile Game Conference (WMGC) will be held concurrently at Pudong Kerry Hotel on July 27-30, 2016.

Source: Howell International Trade Fair Ltd