Forgame Launched Mobile Game “Beauty Box” To Address Chinese Girls

The Chinese Mobile Games and Webgame company Forgame Holdings Limited together with Meitu, Inc. announced the debut of “Beauty Box”. Positioned as Forgame’s flagship casual mobile game, it allows players to mix and match various outfit to redefine the concept of beauty at their fingertips. “Beauty Box” is now available on iOS App Store.

beauty box forgame“Your Dream Wardrobe” – “Beauty Box” allows every girl’s fantasy to become a fashion connoisseur comes true. It offers a world where players can transform into a fashion buyer, travelling around the fashion capitals of the world, curating on-trend clothing and accessories, and showcasing the collection in their own fashion stores.

“Your Fashion Bible” – This game is unique as many of the in-game fashion items are co-designed with real fashion brand. This game practically becomes a styling bible that brings the latest fashion trends to the girls in a fun and entertaining way. No girls can afford not to play this game when they want to learn how to dress to impress in real life.

“Your Opportunity to Become a Top Designer” – In the near future, the game will introduce social elements that encourage players to share their own fashion styles with their friends, as well as to compete with peers for the honor to become the ultimate runway designer.

Dongfeng Wang, Chairman of Forgame, said, “According to market research, female users not only spend more frequently on mobile apps when compared to male users, females also exhibit higher loyalty and spend more time playing mobile games than males. This shows the immense potential of the female gaming market. Also, Meitu as a platform provides us both online and offline distribution channels through its diversified product mix that covers approximately 900 million mobile devices and enjoys over 270 million mobile monthly active users. We believe Meitu’s strong female user base can bring many players to “Beauty Box”. The strategic cooperation with Meitu can fill the current market gap caused by the lack of female-oriented mobile games. Also, the launch of “Beauty Box” represents our key step to enter the casual mobile game market and to further expand our mobile game ecosystem.”

Source: Forgame, Beauty Box