ChinaJoy Adopts Strict New Rules

Chinajoy, Asia’s largest games expo, might be a bit less joyful for some this year with the imposition of strict new rules to ensure proper decorum is maintained. The organizer of the four-day event, Howell International, said they hope the new rules will shift the focus this year from scantily-clad women to the games being promoted.

For the first time, exhibitors will not be allowed to display logos or promotional pictures on models, said event organizer Howell International Trade Fair Co yesterday.

Live entertainment and models will also be banned from the digital entertainment fair’s World Mobile Game Conference and B2B venues, as “it is not necessary for professional meetings.”

chinajoy 2015The gaming fair introduced a dress code on models for the first time last year because organizers felt that the event’s image had been “tarnished” by “vulgar” media reports that focused more on the scantily-clad models than the show itself.

According to last year’s rules, model agencies whose employees revealed too much skin during the exhibition could be fined up to 10,000 yuan (US$1,493) per offense.

Selfie sticks will also be banned at the event.

Source: Shanghaidaily