Chinese DeePoon Gears Up For Wireless VR Market Boom

Chinese virtual reality hardware manufacturer DeePoon held a press conference last week, rolling out its blueprint on building a domestic VR development platform for both industry developers and content providers.

dee poon VR 2Three major perspectives of the company’s future development outlook of VR ecosystem – Creating with DeePoon, Powered by DeePoon, Winning with DeePoo – were unveiled during the event. The company also introduced two wireless solutions for all-in-one Head-Mounted Displays(HMDs) that enable the devices to utilize laser as the core to position and track users’ activities with the VR gadgets.

The technologies jointly invented by DeePoon and its partner G-Wearables, are described as the world’s first wireless position tracking system. More than ten domestic VR games designed for the all-in-one headset were also unveiled during the event. CSO Zhang Li claimed over 20,000 orders for the mobile DeePoon VR (M2) around the world.

The company announced its plan to set up a contest between China VR developers and their British peers. A bilateral gamers’ meet-up event is expected to kick off at Cambridge University this summer.

DeePoon started a competition called “Global VR Challenge” to call all VR game developers to submit their unpublished VR projects. Top 5 winners will get a total of USD 35,000 of cash prizes, with USD 18,000 for the ultimate winner. The top 5 winners will also get a free trip to Asia’s biggest game show ChinaJoy in Shanghai. All teams who make the longlist will get a DeePoon VR development kit.

DeePoon also announced its “Global VR Developers Support Plan” to give overall guidance as to how to make VR games for those who made mobile games or online games developers etc. DeePoon also initiated a capital pool of RMB100 million (USD 15.3 million) to fund VR game development.

According to a latest research jointly released by China Electronics Standardization Institute and Xinhua News Agency, an expanding community of companies, both large and small, are working flat-out to make VR part of people’s daily lives. It said the Chinese VR market was worth 1.54 billion yuan (USD 236 million) in 2015, and is expected to rise to more than 5 billion yuan this year.

Source: DeePoon