Gamefounders Increased Seed Capital For Asia Fall 2016

GameFounders will increase its investment size by almost 50% to $25,000 and extend the deadline for the Fall 2016 intake to June 20 so more studios can take advantage of the opportunity.

Gamefounders, the global startup accelerator for video games, is offering 10 game studios the opportunity to level up their studio like never before. These studios will gain access to a global network of top game industry mentors and seed funding to jumpstart their business. The program will take place in the gorgeous city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, rapidly growing into the game development hub for Southeast Asia.

The seed capital provided by Gamefounders will be increased to 25,000 USD, about 50% more than the previous batches. To ensure that more studios can take the opportunity, Gamefounders is extending the deadline for the Fall 2016 intake to 20th June 2016. The upcoming 3-month program is set to run from August to November 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it will be the sixth one to date.

Indie studios or new game development teams from all over the globe with a finished game, playable build or a prototype in hand are encouraged to apply. The main criteria of the evaluation to get into GameFounders are the team composition, the vision for the future and the quality of products the team can produce. From 2012, GameFounders has made 49 investments into young game studios from 22 different countries.

Source: Gamefounders