Good Start For Boomzap’s Legends of Callasia at Kickstarter and Greenlight

Known for casual games, Southeast Asian virtual game studio Boomzap Entertainment is now making its entry to the strategy games market with its game Legends of Callasia.

Legends of Callasia (formerly known as Legends of Fire & Steel) is a simultaneous turn-based single and multiplayer fantasy world conquest strategy game with no hotseat waiting. Choose from a wide range of heroes from three factions – The Hundred Kingdoms, The Faeborne, and The Revenant – and conquer lands through single player campaigns, or battle against friends through online multiplayer in board game-style maps. Use bonus cards against your enemies or boost your armies and rule the world!

boomzap 3Boomzap Entertainment launched its Kickstarter campaign for Legends of Callasia. Beta access is open to all as part of the Kickstarter, and a Greenlight campaign on Steam is also ongoing. Funding through Kickstarter would also help in completing development of the game, set to release in early 2016.

Boomzap´s Co-Founder Allan Simonsen said, “So far the launch is going great, lots of good press and good traction on Kickstarter and Greenlight. It’s a long way to go, but it’s amazing to see people really responding to the Open Beta builds, and really cool for us to log into the game and see lots of new users, challenge them to matches and listen to their feedback. I think a lot of players have been waiting for a game like this; and old school strategy game that can be played with friends in short lunchtime bursts.”

The game is designed to be playable on PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets. Boomzap co-founder and Creative Director Chris Natsuume says, “Our hope is to make a mid-core casual game that captures some of the fun of more epic strategy games like Civilization, Crusader Kings, or Heroes of Might and Magic, but in a much smaller, more digestible, 1 hour play session.”

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