KongZhong’s Financials 2015

Chinese KongZhong Corporation announced the earnings results for Fiscal Year 2015 and Q4 last month. The company shares have rallied 30.82% in the past 52 weeks. On Jun 15, 2015, the shares registered one year high of $8.58 and one year low was seen on Mar 27, 2015 at $5.27. The 50-day moving average is $7.25 and the 200 day moving averge is recorded at $7.03. S&P 500 has seen a change of -2.61% during the last 52-weeks. The earnings per share were USD 0.15.

KongZhong Corporation is a provider of digital entertainment services for consumers in p China. The company provides feature phone mobile games on the networks of China Mobile. The company operates in three segments: Online games, mobile games and wireless value-added services (WVAS). It is also a provider of WVAS to mobile phone users.

kung fu hero
Kung Fu Hero

In addition to developing and operating its self-developed Internet games such as Loong Demon Code and Kung Fu Hero it is an operator of the World of Tanks game for China Internet games market. The Company is also a licensee in China for the Guild Wars 2 game developed by ArenaNet Hawken game developed by Meteor Entertainment Blitzkrieg 3 game developed by ZZima Auto Club Revolution game developed by Eutechnyx and Guozhan Online game developed by Guangzhou Sixiang. It conducts its business in China through its wholly owned subsidiaries.

Source: KongZhong Corporation