Nexon To Target Global Markets With Localized Marketing

Nexon is gearing up with marketing strategies tailored for locals to take on the international mobile game market, a representative of the company said this week. According to the head of Nexon‘s Korean mobile business division Noh Jung-hwan, Nexon will take active measures to expand its presence overseas through “localized marketing,” in line with the release of its new games slated for the second half of this year.

For instance, in July Nexon launched the international version of its mobile action role-playing game Heroes of Incredible Tales. On July 29 the game ranked third by sales in Thailand’s Apple Appstore because of localized marketing, the game giant highlighted.

To heighten HIT’s presence in Thailand, Nexon put on eye-catching TV commercials there as Thais favor such presentation. Nexon and the Thai-based telecommunications giant DTAC, or Total Access Communication PLC, are also running joint promotions for members of DTAC, giving out HIT game items and more.

The game giant said, outstanding sales of its mobile games in the first half of 2016 reflects its successful shift from online-based business to mobile-based, adding that such results boosted its confidence for overseas expansion.

For the first time since Nexon launched its first mobile game in June 2015, it racked up more than 1 trillion won ($890 million) in sales of mobile games, between January and June this year, company data showed.

Source: Koreanherald