Nexon Unveils New Blockbuster Mobile Game Heroes of Incredible Tales


Nexon, Korea’s largest game company, showcased the new mobile game titled “Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT),” on Monday. HIT, which is the biggest action mobile role-playing game project for Nexon, faces fierce competition from Korea’s top mobile game firm, Netmarble Games, and their game, Idea, now that the year-end season is almost here. “HIT will offer advanced graphics and diverse game experiences that can be favorably compared to computer online games,” Nexon’s business division head Lee Jung-hun said during a media showcase of the new game in Seoul, Monday.

Nat Games Chief Executive Officer Park Yong-hyun
Nat Games Chief Executive Officer Park Yong-hyun

The new game will be available on November 18th both through Google Play and Apple Appstore, the company said. As of now, it will only be launched in Korea, Nexon said.
“During development, we have concentrated on realizing that people who play role-playing games like to foster their characters, fight with foes and get immersed in the story,” Nat Games Chief Executive Officer Park Yong-hyun said. “In particular, we tried to maximize such game playing experiences using the latest Unreal 4 game graphics engine for the first time in the industry. We will continue to update the game to add more content such as guild battle mode, epic-class jewels and new boss monsters.”

Expectations are high for the new game as Park has previously participated in the development of the one of the nation’s biggest computer online role-playing games, Lineage 2 and Tera. Nexon said HIT features dynamic combat action and provides users with diverse options in fostering their characters through an advanced skill system. Users can play through a total of 180 stages in the adventure mode. Nexon also said it is considering multiplayer competitions on the e-Sports stage based on the new game.

Meanwhile, Netmarble Games has started to accept pre-registration for Idea, which is the largest mobile game project for the company in the latter half of this year. Idea, in which the company has poured in about 10 billion won over the last three years of development, is expected to be launched next month, intensifying the competition between the nation’s top game firms in the year-end peak season.

Source: Koreatimes