Ubisoft Opening New Studio In The Philippines

Ubisoft’s international reach is about to extend a little further in the coming months with the establishment of a new production studio in the Philippines. Scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2016, Ubisoft Philippines will hire up to 50 people in its first year, and will collaborate with other studios to develop AAA console games.

Chip Go, Ubisoft Philippines

“Every day, Filipinos leave the country in search of opportunities elsewhere,” says Chip Go, Ubisoft Philippines’ new studio manager. “I was one of those people eight years ago, and now I’m very happy to come back and bring my own experience in AAA game development.”

Located on the campus of De La Salle University in Santa Rosa, a city just south of Manila, the new studio will have close ties to Ubisoft Singapore, and a number of founding team members will move in from Singapore to train Ubisoft Philippines’ new recruits.

“We have huge ambition for this team, who will play a part in creating some of Ubisoft’s biggest and most beloved games,” says Go. “Ubisoft Philippines will be recruiting 50 new team members this year, from artists to programmers, designers to project managers, and we are very confident of our ability to build a strong team to take up these challenges.”

“As we did in Singapore, we want to expose people to major triple-A franchise,” de Rotalier said about expanding into the Philippines. To help stock that local talent pool, Ubisoft is turning to the University of De La Salle in Manila to set up a training program. Ubisoft Singapore had a similar partnership with Digipen, a Redmond, Washington-based school for learning video game design.

Ubisoft Philippines is actively recruiting. To see available positions, take a look at Ubisoft’s Careers page.

Source: Ubisoft