Dragon Nest Will Be Officially Released In Vietnam In First Quarter Of 2016

Vietnamese VGG Entertainment and Cherry Credits from Singapore announced the signing of co-operation agreement to publish the blockbuster Multiplayer Online Free-To-Play Action game: Dragon Nest, in Vietnam, slated to be released in the first quarter of 2016.

Developed by Eyedentity Games (Korea) Dragon Nest is a 3D action multiplayer online PC game featuring thrilling MMO action, immersive fantasy world full of epic bosses and dungeons, and unique non-target combat feature that let gamers to play unique to his/her own style.

Dragon Nest Vietnam server will be in Vietnamese language and will have the same content as Dragon Nest SEA, including all 8 character classes, all the dragon nests and dungeons, as well as synched in-game events and future content updates. Players in Vietnam can use either Cherry Credits or VGG account to join either Vietnam or SEA game servers. In-game payment will use Cherry Credits payment which is widely available in Vietnam with incentives and support from VGG Entertainment.

The contract value between Cherry and VGG collaboration were not disclosed, but representatives of the two sides said: “This is the first time in Vietnam where gamers will experience a AAA quality MMORPG which will fully utilize Cherry Credits’ expertise and regional operation experience, combined with VGG Entertainment’s know-how and understanding of local market in Vietnam. Furthermore, the Vietnam server will alleviate players’ concerns about ping and lag issues, especially for an intensive action game like Dragon Nest. In the future, we hope to bring more top quality games to Vietnam.”

Source: Cherry Credits, VGG