Havene Liew, Managing Director of Mediasoft, About Malaysia’s Biggest Game Developer

IGA.biz had the chance to talk to Havene Liew, Managing Director of Mediasoft, the largest games studio in Malaysia. Mediasoft develops games for multi-platform devices – Mobile, PC, Browser, Tablets and Console. The portfolio compromises of game genres from sports, education as well as a wide variety of casual games.

Mediasoft not only develops its own games and IPs but also seeks to boost the gaming industry of Malaysia as a whole. Its training and education programs for the community, will not only promote the healthy development of the gaming ecosystem in Malaysia, but will give back to society, as part of its corporate social responsibility.


IGA.biz: Could you please introduce yourself and your role with Mediasoft.

Havene Liew
Havene Liew
Havene Liew: I have been in the creative industry for the last 13 years in fields ranging from animation, film and game design. Originally an award-winning film director, I focused my early years in teaching game art, but found that the local students in Malaysia had no local gaming studios to work at. Thus the idea of creating a game studio to foster local Malaysian talent was born. Mediasoft Entertainment now stands as the largest games studio in Malaysia with over 70 employees and a worldwide network of global partnerships.

In addition to being one of the Founders and Managing Directors of Mediasoft Entertainment, I’ m aso involved in other business ventures:
• Founding Partner of Wonderbucks Berhad, creator of the Property App Wonderlist
• Co-Founder of MCCB Berhad an ASEAN Private Venture Capitalist Group
• Angel Investor of Malaysia’s First Teddy Bear Museum, TeddyVille


IGA.biz: Mediasoft is based in Malaysia. When was Mediasoft founded and who are the founders?

mediasoft ceoHavene Liew: Mediasoft Entertainment was launched in 2012 by Havene Liew and Dato’ Rayson Wong. Together they wanted to create a platform where innovation, creativity and passion would be the driving factors that created games and IPs that reached and exceeded the world-class standard for creative content.

We seek to provide an environment that fosters and pushes talent to reach their full potential. Keeping up with the latest trends, cutting edge technologies and some of the most creative minds the world has to offer, we seek to bring back the joy of gaming by creating something that is truly unique and will withstand the tests of time.


IGA.biz: What is the business of Mediasoft today?

Havene Liew: The company focuses on three core services:

  • Game Development: On Mobile, PC, Tablets, Console and Virtual Reality
  • IP Creation: Internationally recognisable icons and gameplays that reach a variety of audiences
  • Work For Hire: Motion Capture, Concept Art, Design, Game Design, Programming and Animation


IGA.biz: Is Mediasoft focusing on Mobile Games only?

Havene Liew: Mediasoft is expanding its game and IP development to from mobile and PC to console and VR. The company is best known for our international hit series Jump Smash which has been launched with resounding success on android, iOS and windows.

mdec_logo_transparent_withborderDue to popular demand, as well as with the help and support of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) we will be launching a brand new Jump Smash series on the PlayStation 4 next year. Previously the company has worked on a variety of other casual mobile games as well as two award-winning educational PC games for China and Hong Kong market.

Rockee Jr. is an English Educational RPG game, complete with full 3D animated video lessons, captivating stories and exciting mini-games. FQ Genius developed with Moneytree Asia Pacific specialises in the education of financial management for kids. Idea Kingdom developed together with Michael Michalko author of Thinker Toys, specifically targets the development of a child’s creative quotient. This includes innovative problem solving skills, observation, analysis and association. Our latest IP title Phantom Blade has already been Greenlit on Steam and we expect to continue production with a sequel (or pre-sequel) to the Turn-Based Strategy RPG in the third quarter of this year.


IGA.biz: Roll Spike, Phantom, Blade and Tappymon are some of the games of Mediasoft. Can you give us some insight views about the games?

Havene Liew: Roll Spike was released as a Free to Play Mobile Game worldwide on Android late last month and on iOS early in May. We have up to 600,000 downloads with 75% active users and an overall worldwide ranking of 4.5 stars on Android and iOS. Most of the users coming from South East Asia in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia. The game is ranked No. 1 on iOS for Sports Games in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore and ranked No. 1 on Android for Family Games in Singapore and Malaysia.

Tappymon-Web-Banner1Tappymon has been soft launched as a Free to Play Mobile Game on iOS in Singapore, Australia and Canada. The game was on top 10 Free Games List in the Apple Store in Singapore. The
full launch is expected in June 2016.

Phantom Blade will be launched as a Premium Mobile Game on iOS in July 2016.


IGA.biz: Roll Spike and Phantom Blade are in the running for Indie Prize at Casual Connect Singapore. What do you expect from the competition?

Havene Liew: We would love for our games to win of course, and for our teams to be recognised for the high quality and work that they’ve put into the games. But most of all we’re excited to meet other indie game studios and see the games that are coming out there in the market.


IGA.biz: Will Mediasoft showcase other games at Casual Connect?

mediasoft logoHavene Liew: Apart from Roll Spike and Phantom Blade being featured we will also be showing one our latest games, Tappymon which will be releasing next month. The game is a fast-action tapping monster collection game that features a wonderful world of elemental monsters. The game will have tapping battles, co-op, feeding, evolving and mixing the different element types to create brand new monsters. There are hundreds of Tappymonsters to evolve and collect.


IGA.biz: What are the future plans of Mediasoft?

Havene Liew: Our future or let’s say current plans involve entering the virtual reality marketplace with a theme park game similar to the concept of The Void or Zero Latency. Utilising the latest technology in the marketplace, Mediasoft in partnership with its sister company Dutajaya Media aims to recreate a virtual reality experience where players can completely immerse themselves in the virtual world.

Dutajaya Media has access to its own in-house technology as well as the cutting edge equipment to bring the world of EXA from the computer screen to the virtual world. EXA (Extradimensional eXploration Alliance) is currently in development and we’re expecting a playable demo this year in September.

The EXA theme park will be open to the public in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong by the end of the year December 2016.

IGA.biz: Thank you for the interview, Havene Liew.