Kaga Create No Longer In Business and Shut Down Business

Another Japanese game developer Kaga Create, publisher of games like Saki: The Nationals and Higurashi When They Cry Sui, shut its doors on the last day of last year, 2015, according to an announcement of the  company.

The company said in that statement it was not able to create a large enough growth potential in today’s smartphone app-focused video games market in fact of the competition.

Kaga Create is all but unknown in the West, it had released its latest game in December, a PlayStation Vita game, Witch Love Diary: Dragon x Caravan.

Kaga Create was founded on October 18, 1999. This year would have been the company’s 17th anniversary. Kaga Create is notable to Western players and developers as the successor to Naxat Soft, a publisher known for games like Alien Crush and Devil’s Crush.

Source: Gematsu, Gamasutra